About Constantia

Constantia est. 1908, a century-long story of sailing…


Constantia was built in 1908 in the well-known shipping town of Marstal in southern Denmark, at that time situated as centrally as could be. There was a unique tradition and there are still shipyards and shipping companies in Marstal, not to mention a very good museum with large archives.


Our little schooner was named Minde, which means Memory. She sailed with many kinds of cargo, for example coal from Szczecin to Copenhagen. The photo was taken in 1910, one foot of freeboard. After four years in Norway she was sold to Sweden in 1920, as were hundreds of Danish crafts these years.


Eleven years in Kalmarand eight years in Figeholmfollowed. Just before World War II, Folke Eriksson in Pataholm bought her and sailed her five seasons in mined waters, with sparse rations of fuel. The rigging was still nearly complete, so she was able to sail in the narrow corridors of the southern Baltic Sea. From now on her name was Marina, and remained so until 1988.


After the war she kept on her lawful duties along the Swedish coast, freighting stone, cement, wood, mixed cargo, fire wood, grain, potatoes, manure. Her home harbours were Timmernabben (1943-54), Drag (1954-61) and Byxelkrok, until shefinally gave up freighting in 1967 due to the forceful development of road freighting. Her dw-tonnage was 107, 120 on wooden cargoes.


Minde had no motor. In the twenties, a 1-cylinder ignition-bulb motor was installed and later a heavy 2-cyl. one, pressing down the stern and necessitating a steering-house on top of the aft cabin. Nowadays she has a 6-cyl. Scania diesel of 180 hp, which has made it possible to give her a deck layout near the original one.


In 1988 Constantia got her name, from a well-known Swedish shanty, “Jungman Jansson”, by the poet Dan Andersson. When Hakon Malmborg bought the ship, he had a vision to maintain the sailing traditions and pass them on to young people, and to people of all ages. Hakon is still one of if not the most important powerhouse behind Constantia, though well into his retirement years. And he is always ready to pick up his accordion.


Constantia is again a sailing ship and the rig has been restored to its original measures and angles, it bears 305 square metres of sail. The original hold (space for cargo) below deck has been transformed to a saloon with berths for passengers, a well equipped galley, and other facilities.


Constantia received a Traditional Ship classification in 1998 (she was “kulturminnesmärkt”), which is administered by the National Maritime Museums. This affirms the appreciation of the ship’s cultural and historical values.


The Solna Ship Foundation, “Stiftelsen Solnaskutan” (Huvudsta, Solna, Stockholm, is where Constantia’s home port is situated) and the Non-profit Association Constantia, “Föreningen Constantia”, are now working to keep the ship going.


Mr Hakon Malmborg, the man who gave this beautiful ship a new life.

Registration for summer 2017 long sailing.

All precis are included food and berth. We share all work onboard. You participate in the performance of the ship, sailing, navigation, cooking, depending on ability, desire and aptitude. There’s always samething fun in sailing ship.

In good time before departure, we will send out some rules of conduct on what one shold think about, how to finde the ship ande other things that might be useful to know. For you to take part in the Tall Ships Race certification requirements for vision, color vision, and hearing. NOTE! Applay using the form below.

We will confirm your registration, but it does not apply until you have paid your registration fee, which is 1/3 of the price. Payment is made to Solna Skutan, giro account 119 34 27-0. Full payment must then be paid one month before sailing. NOTE! We do not accept cash payments.

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